Tolhouse Design


People are Saying

“Just wanted you to know how absolutely thrilled I am with the kitchen. Your ideas for planning and style choices were perfect. That was not an easy kitchen to redo. Our neighbor came last night and her words were ‘miraculous’. You gave us space where we had so little.”

“Jane joined our remodel at the perfect time…right before the estate remodeler was about to complete his idea of what a kitchen should look like, not how we’d like to use it. We now have the much larger counter area that we need since my husband and I both like to cook a lot! Thank you so much for asking the right questions from the beginning!”

“Your input has been fabulous. I love what you have done so far.”

“Some of my friends have done their kitchens over, too, and I can now notice things they could have done better after having worked with you. ”